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Primary Care

Reliable Primary Care Ranging the Lifespan

As a family-owned and operated business, Randolph Family Health and Wellness understands the importance of providing quality healthcare at every interval of life. We welcome all patients ranging in age, gender, and background to utilize our services.  Our team of professionals is available for wellness checks, in addition to targeted healthcare services when symptoms arise unexpectedly. Our swift yet methodical approach ensures that each client is seen in a timely manner and treated to address current symptoms and any underlying potential health concerns.

Women’s, Men’s, and Family Health that Advocates for the Patient

From a patient’s perspective, visiting the doctor can sometimes feel like going through a revolving door. Far too many patients don’t feel as if their concerns were validated, leading to negative experiences with primary care physicians. At Randolph’s, we are hyper-aware of this fact, and do everything in our power to ensure your concerns are heard and validated. We make a concerted effort to utilize active listening, while simultaneously communicating any pertinent information in the process.

We advocate for both men’s and women’s health, by treating each individual with a bassline of respect and understanding. Because we are family-owned, we also understand the vital importance of mapping out an individual’s family history in an attempt to provide them with better care. Our primary care is holistically designed, accounting for your individual experience, while taking into consideration hereditary risk factors and concerns. We routinely see all the members of a family, which helps us to connect the dots in your individual treatment plan.

Primary Care Portfolio

Primary Care

Primary Care

Primary Care Portfolio

What to Expect at a Primary Care Visit

Our primary care service is designed to help prevent, resolve, and/or uncover, any potential physical issues currently plaguing a patient. Our primary care service is also ideal for those needing medical clearance (school, employment) or those simply seeking routine physicals. Our team can also recommend how often you should seek routine primary care, depending on family history and other risk factors. Because we also specialize in chronic and acute pain management and care, we can help assist those who are navigating primary and specialized care.   

If we uncover any abnormalities during your primary care visit, we can make recommendations for additional in-house treatments designed to bolster and improve physical wellness. The best thing that we can do is present a patient with a game plan that addresses their concerns and recommends a path of treatment, whether it’s strictly physical or involves a more nuanced plan of attack. By implementing routine wellness checks, we can give patients the best chance at achieving long-term health and ushering them into each phase of life with a glowing bill of health.

Accommodations for your Appointment

We want to make your appointment as pleasurable as possible, by providing accommodations that put you at ease. Here are some of the ways we can provide peace of mind for your upcoming trip.

  • Walk-Ins welcome! Monday through Friday we can assist with walk-in appointments during regular business hours. For those who prefer a more private experience, we also see clients by appointment only on weekends.
  • Quality healthcare should be accessible to patients across the board, regardless of income. We are happy to assist with personalized payment plans, in addition to opening our doors to private pay. As always, we work with lots of insurance companies to bring you optimal coverage.