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IV Therapy

A Cutting-Edge Procedure with Benefits for all Types of Patients

At Randolph’s, we champion different non-surgical medical procedures that are known and proven to procure positive impacts on wellness and health. Every procedure that we offer has been highly vetted and is administered by a specialist with significant knowledge. Our clinic is multi-faceted, giving patients plenty of options to explore potential procedures with competent experts who are trained in the craft. As a clinic that specializes in treating long-term chronic and acute illnesses, we are constantly looking for new and innovative ways to treat our patients. IV therapy is one of these options, and one we believe is highly effective for patients of all types in finding relief, restoration, or simply a general sense of wellbeing.

Understanding IV Therapy

In many cases, the abbreviation of IV is enough to get the blood boiling. Many people who have an aversion to needles, may find this particular type of therapy off-putting at first.  However, IV therapy is actually relatively noninvasive yet highly effective at delivering medications, nutrients, and hydration to the bloodstream. The IV serves as a medical drip and administers the proper dosage and ingredients to ensure you receive the personalized combination that best suits your needs. Because the medication is intravenously deposited, some of its positive effects can be felt almost instantly.

IV therapy has made a splash in recent years, with many questioning its legitimacy and overall effectiveness. We stand behind IV therapy, when administered by medical professionals who understand the science behind the procedure. We’re happy to explain the service in depth by answering any questions and breaking down the process.

IV Therapy Portfolio

IV Therapy Portfolio

IV Therapy Portfolio

IV Therapy Portfolio

Specialty Cocktails Designed with You in Mind

Part of what makes IV therapy so effective, is its ability to be meticulously formulated. When procuring an IV mixture, our team will create a concoction based on your specific body chemistry. As a bassline, IV therapy is known for being hydrating and is an excellent way to fight off dehydration. As for who can benefit? All types of patients can derive useful nutrients from IV therapy, causing both instant and prolonged benefits. At Randolph’s we specialize in house blends including:

• Cleanse
• Rehydrate
• Detox
• Rescue
• Hangover
• Immune Boost.

Each of these cocktails have been carefully curated by our staff to replenish, rejuvenate, and refresh. Each mixture has an intended and target purpose, delivering key nutrients directly to the bloodstream for a fast-acting relief. IV therapy has benefits for patients of all types, whether you deal with chronic pain or simply desire a quick reboot to your system. Our team can walk you through each option, choosing the best solution based on your lifestyle, and overall desired outcomes.

This quick and effective treatment is perfect for those needing an everyday boost in energy, those needing to detox after an extended period of stress, or those who could benefit from rehydrating their system. Our results-oriented team will make the experience as comfortable as possible from start to finish. Our IV therapy specialist will be happy to answer all of your questions about IV therapy, from its origins to our specific in-house cocktails.