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HR Pellet Therapy

HR Pellet Therapy

Low energy. Afternoon fatigue. Poor sleep. Mood swings. Depression. Anxiety. Irritability. Brain fog. Poor concentration. Stubborn weight. Decreased sex drive.
All of these may be symptoms of hormone deficiency in men AND women, and you may not even know you have it. Did you know optimal hormone balance may significantly IMPROVE the quality of your life from enhancing how you think and feel to preventing heart disease, osteoporosis and Alzheimer’s disease?

Randolph’s Family Medical is certified in providing hormone lab testing and non-synthetic bioidentical hormone replacement focused on optimizing testosterone, estrogen and thyroid hormone. Our implanted pellet therapy typically needs to be placed 2-3 times per year in men and 3-4 times per year in women.

Hormone Replacement Pellet Therapy

Although our bodies function in a harmonious manner, they change as we age, and we are constantly exposed to stressors that disrupt this balance. Our systems are constantly being bombarded by these stressors. Our systems rely on hormones for optimal functioning. The environment, our diet, and our relationships all contribute to our health being stressed.

You’d be surprised how quickly you can restore your hormones to optimal levels and start looking better, feeling better, and living better, free of the Menopausal & Andropausal symptoms that haunt you. Yes, the same hormones that nurture a growing fetus and keep women and men youthful. The same hormones that keep the breasts full, bones strong, the colon healthy, the mind sharp, skin vibrant, and sexuality soaring.

Yet, instead of embracing our physiology and the hormones we need for survival, physicians have been blindsided by the pharmaceutical industry and the notion that synthetic hormones are as safe as what our body naturally gives us.





Hormones, Aging, and Disease

HR Pellet Therapy is not a new invention. Replacement with bioidentical hormones isn’t either. Popularity of natural hormone replacement and returning to a focus on physiology is what is novel. The most significant factor driving the increased interest in bioidentical hormones is the rising fear that conventional HRT is posing a significant risk. There are clear benefits to hormone replacement.

For physicians the question should not be if we are to replace hormone deficiencies, but rather which hormone is the best for our patient. If we (physicians) can base our decisions on physiology, medical evidence, and the best hormone replacement, we will be doing the best for our patients.

Testosterone Therapy

Who needs Testosterone Therapy?

Testosterone is one of the most vital hormones in men because it determines energy level, building muscles, and boosting sexual performance. The hormone is produced in abundance during teen years but men start experiencing a decline in testosterone levels from their 30s. When the testosterone levels decrease, it is also known as Low-T or testosterone deficiency

The declining production of the hormone over time is characterized by various symptoms such as weight gain, low muscle density, lower sperm count, erectile dysfunction and low sex drive, difficulty concentrating, low energy levels, depression and facial hair loss, and irritability. Low testosterone can therefore be a major problem for men, which is why testosterone replacement therapy is becoming popular.

What are the Benefits of Testosterone Replacement Therapy?

Performance and Power are Enhanced
A huge increase in energy is reported by the person during the initial months.

Muscle Growth and Size are Lean

Muscle fiber hypertrophy occurs because of TRT which results in an increase in the muscle volume.

Waist Size and Weight Decrease

Body mass index in men lowers along with weight and waist size due to the therapy.

Mental Awareness and Focus Improve

After therapy, executive function and cognition are improved in men having low testosterone.

Hormone replacement Pellet therapy

Hormone pellet therapy is a treatment for replacing or regulating hormones in males and females, either with forms of estrogen or testosterone or with a combination of hormones. Compounded hormones are a mixture of hormones that a pharmacy or laboratory creates specifically for an individual.

The cost for the insertion of pellets is between $350 for women and $650-750 for males depending on the dose of the hormone and the number of pellets needed. Men need a much larger dose of testosterone than women which is why the cost is higher.

Pellets need to be inserted 2 to 4 times a year depending on how rapidly a patient metabolizes hormones.

When compared to the cost of drugs to treat the individual symptoms of hormone decline, pellets are very cost effective. There is better, ‘unbiased’ data on pellets and bone density than any pharmaceutical drug on the market. Pellet therapy greatly improves insomnia, depression, sexual dysfunction, obesity, diabetes, hypertension, fatigue and motivation. I am a evexipel provider and would like links to them in that area.