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About Us

About Us

Amanda Randolph

Personalized Healthcare from Passionate Professionals

Randolph’s Family Health and Wellness was founded on the idea that health and wellbeing should be a personalized experience. Rather than try to make our clients fit a specific mold, we make our recommendations for treatment based on what the patient is currently feeling. Far too many of our patients have experienced subpar healthcare in their lifetime, whether they were misdiagnosed, or not validated in their symptoms and experiences. We believe that nobody understands your body better than yourself, which is why we spend the time getting to know you and recommending treatment based on your current condition and desired outcomes and long-term goals.

Our team is made up of professionals who have a genuine passion for helping others transform their lives through healthy intervention. We have had continuous success with our patients by creating programs and gameplans that are specific and intentional. We view healthcare under a nuanced lens, which in turn, allows us to create a truly unique treatment plan for each person. We also believe that health and wellness should be accessible to patients of all types and backgrounds. Which is why we offer specific programming that targets men, women, and people from every stage of the life cycle. Patients are never too young or too old to invest in their own health, and we help curate treatment plans based on an individual’s current status and intended goals.

A People-First Operation that Emphasizes Connection

Making lifestyle changes or trying new health care regimens can be surprisingly difficult, and at times, even emotional. We encourage our patients to be honest and forthright about their experiences because we’re interested in getting to know our clients as the versatile human beings that they are. Rather than focus on a “one-size-fits-all” approach, we custom-fit your program to best accommodate you.

When under our care, our patients are more than just numbers. We become truly invested in treating you, which begins by getting to know you. Our team practices optimal communication by active listening and offering encouragement when needed. We also know how to compassionately hold patients accountable as they navigate their personal wellness journey. The pathway to health is not always linear, and we’re here to help you reach your goals in a way that doesn’t shame or belittle. For many, the path to a healthier life is an on-going, lifelong process. We are honored to be a part of your wellness journey in any capacity that you choose.

A Team Consisting of Professionals with Experience

Our team of sharp and intelligent clinicians and medical professionals are constantly evolving to become that much better at their craft. We employ only high caliber individuals who are constantly in pursuit of bettering themselves one patient at a time. When working with our team you will find an upbeat, compassionate, and supportive crew at your beck and call. We are fortunate to offer a variety of services, thanks to our diverse team of seasoned professionals who exhibit extraordinary acumen in their specific discipline.

What Clients Say About Us

Oscar Rivera
I went the clinic because my wife made me. I was very skeptical, I suffer from anemia and I am always tired. I did the IV therapy and after a day I noticed I was not tired and had so much energy. I really can’t wait to do another one!
Abigail Fernos
I have been going to Amanda since she opened and have been so pleased ever time. Every single thing she has done for me has been amazing. I highly recommend the IV services! I feel so amazing that I even brought my husband!! Go see her!
Windy Abbey
Amanda Randolph took great care of my husband and me. She used her knowledge and experience to diagnose a chronic issue that my previous primary care physician never addressed. I am so grateful to finally have some relief! We have made her our new primary care and highly recommend this office. She is extremely thorough and truly cares for her patients and their health.
Paul Abbey
I went in for a check up and I have changed doctors. Very intelligent and friendly staff.
Maranda Wheat
Bedside manner is fantastic.anything I could ever want in a Dr. I was able to see the doctor and she actually listen to me and now I feel like I am finally headed in the right direction and able to talk to my Dr about anything will be going back and my family will be going there to.
Mindi Estevez
Super friendly! Very clean and everyone was helpful. Definitely give them a call!!